The following steps need to be followed by the science research scholars who are permitted to come in the second phase starting 30-09-2020 and ending 06-10-2020.

1. A google form along with the steps to be followed has been set up by the Chief Wardens Office and is sent to each student who are eligible to come in Phase-2. The student needs to fill in the form and send to the Email address mentioned, clearly indicating the Date and Time of arrival.

2. The travel ticket and Negative Covid-19 test result must be shown to the security at the main gate (Entry is allowed only through the main gate); PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT TRAVEL AT ANY COST IF YOU HAVE A POSITIVE TEST RESULT OR ADVISED A RT-PCR TEST BASED ON RAT TEST AND SYMPTOMS.

3. Meet the Office staff at the hostel office (LH-10, New Hostel in the South Campus). Make an entry in the Ledger/System after giving Negative Covid-19 test report to the hostel office. You should be having at-least 4 copies of the test report to be submitted at various places;

4.  Fill the hostel undertaking form (exclusive for hostel purpose) and sign the same. This form will be readily available at the hostel office.

5. The student has to stay (self quarantine) for 7 days in the temporary isolation facility (LH-10). After 7 days of quarantine, the student should move to their respective hostels after informing the warden in LH-10 and signing the hostel vacating register of LH-10; YOU HAVE TO VACATE THIS TEMPORARY FACILITY WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO AFTER COMPLETION OF THE 7 DAY PERIOD AS DECIDED BY THE AUTHORITIES.

6. In order to move back to their own respective hostels, the student has to inform the concerned warden through Email that his quarantine period is over and he may be permitted to come back to his/her room. After getting a positive reply only the student should move back to the respective hostels.

7. Mess facility will be provided in the dining room adjacent to LH-10 and there will be a separate entrance for those students staying in the isolation hostel (i.e., LH-10) .

8. During the quarantine period SOP as issued by the University Health Centre needs to be strictly followed. It has been send to your respective Schools/Departments and you should follow the guidelines strictly.

9. You will also be regularly contacted by a team of professionals to ascertain your health status at least once a day during your hostel stay and this is for the safety and well being of the whole university community. Your co-operation is appreciated in advance.

10. Please contact Mr. Thirupathi (Senior Assistant) Office of the Chief Warden for any clarification. (Phone 9492571079).

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