uoh hostel supportHostel boarders often have issues related to civil engineering, plumbing, sanitation, scholarships, health centre, internet, medical insurance etc.

Until now, students would either submit a complaint or enter the same in a register. The complaint would then be forwarded to the department concerned and the latter would address the issue. Not only would this consume lots of paper, it would often take up a lot of time. Boarders and hostel staff would end up spending a lot of time and energy following up on the complaint and ensuring that it was resolved.

Online Ticketing System

In order to smoothen the process, the Chief Warden’s Office has set up an online ticketing system.

Hostel boarders will now be able to submit a ticket online. The ticket is automatically forwarded to the department concerned. The department concerned will address it at the earliest possible. Both boarders and representatives of the department concerned will be able to reply and update the status of the ticket. Once the issue is resolved, the ticket will be closed.  All closed tickets will be deleted from the system.


Tickets not addressed within a reasonable time will automatically get escalated to the next higher level until it is resolved.

Do read the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your ticket.

Watch the video below to know how it works.

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