Ref. No. UH/CWO/Fly Catcher/2016/
Sub: Enquiry of Rates for Fly Catcher – reg.

Please forward your offer at the lowest rates for supply of the following furniture items as per the terms and conditions stated below so as to reach the undersigned in a sealed cover on or before 3.00PM on December 14, 2016.


Description Qty. required
1. Fly catcher/trap  Tubes-2 [24”] Power: 60W, LxWxH 26×4.5×12.5(approx.)capable of attracting insects within area of above 500 Sqfts


: The equipment shall be under warranty for a period of 36 months from the date of delivery /installation. Such warranty shall also include servicing and preventive maintenance during period of validity and letter of guarantee that after sales service is available from local agent.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The reference no. UH/CWO/Fly Catcher/2016/ must appear on all sealed envelopes and correspondence packages with the office of the Chief Warden.
  2. Quotations must reach the following address “Chief Warden, University of Hyderabad, Professor C R Rao Road, Central University P.O., Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500 046. (Telangana) India” on or before 00 PM on 14.12.2016. Quotations received after the stipulated time and date will not be considered.
  3. Sealed quotations can be delivered in person to the concerned official in the office of the Chief Warden, University of Hyderabad or can be sent by post before the due date and time. Fax/Email tenders will not be accepted.
  4. The quotations shall be opened on 14-12-2016 at 4.00pm in the Chief Warden’s Office.
  5. The prices quoted by the bidders shall be valid at least for a period of 120 days from the date of opening tenders and no revision of rates will be permitted during the above period.
  6. If the tender is not from the original manufacturer, the name and address of the manufacturer must be mentioned for each item. Suppliers have to submit an ‘authorized dealer certificate’ from the manufacturers for the all brands mentioned in the tender. The tenders received without Authorization Certificate of the original manufacturer are liable for rejection.
  7. The supplier has to clearly mention the make, model, size and other specification along with the unit price.
  8. The Tender should clearly indicate the costs including taxes/excise duties etc. along with the total cost.
  9. The quantity shown in the enquiry is not fixed and may be increased / decreased.
  10. Appropriate brochure(s) may be enclosed.
  11. The Tenders should be complete in all respects and duly signed. All the specific details requested should be provided along with supporting documents wherever applicable. Additional brochures giving full technical details must be included to verify the specifications mentioned in the tender.
  12. The material is to be delivered at Office of Chief Warden, University of Hyderabad.   No transport charges will be paid.  It should be clearly stated in the quotation whether the rate is on the basis of ex-showroom/ex-works, or delivery at the University of Hyderabad.
  13. The items may be divided among vendors depending on the suitability.
  14. After Sales Service: It must be clearly indicated in the tender whether the after sales service would be provided by supplier or by their authorized agent after satisfactory installation/commissioning of equipment and expiry of warranty period. All terms and conditions related to after sales services must be clearly mentioned.
  15. Suppliers should be willing to demonstrate the items in case they are asked for.
  16. The supplier should be able to deliver the furniture within two weeks after issuance of purchase order. Those who are having ready stocks/capable of supply of material as per the enquiry within the stipulated time only need to forward their offer. In the event of delay in delivery beyond two weeks, liquidated damages @1% per each week of delay subject to a maximum of 10% of the cost of the order will apply.
  17. The University of Hyderabad, reserves the right to reject any/all quotations (or) accept any offer part thereof without giving any reasons its decision in the matter will be final and binding on all the supplies.
  18. The University of Hyderabad will not in any way be responsible for any postal delay. Delayed quotations shall not be accepted under any circumstances.
  19. Terms of Payment: Payment will be made within 45 days after delivery and satisfactory installation, testing, commissioning etc. This must be specified in the tender/quotation.
  20. Disputes, differences, if any emanating from the resultant contract shall be referred to the Arbitrator appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.
  21. Failing to adhere to the Terms and Condition mentioned above will result in automatic rejection of tender.


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