Hostel Accommodation
On-Campus accommodation is provided to over 4,400 students in 21 Hostels including eight Hostels for Ladies during the academic year 2015-16.  Only Ladies’ Hostel (LH-III), VI and VII and Men’s Hostel-E, E-Annex, MH-K  accommodate Research Scholars.  Post-graduate and M.Tech/M.Phil students are accommodated in the remaining nineteen hostels.   The break-up of various categories of boarders are given below:

The break-up of various categories of boarders are given below (2015-16):

Male Boarders 2752
Female Boarders 1656
Total Number of Boarders 4408
General Category 1589
SC 831
ST 409
OBC 1491
Physically Challenged 83
Foreign Nationals 5
PDFs/Project Associates/ P. Assts 180

Hostel Administration:
The Chief Warden and Deputy Chief Wardens look after the overall administration of hostels in addition to their regular teaching assignments and research work. All the Wardens are faculty members and most of them are provided on-Campus accommodation.

The Office of the Chief Warden is supported by a team of administrative staff.  Like-wise, the Wardens/hostel offices are also supported by administrative staff.

Support Staff:
The University provides 187 supporting staff, which includes Mess Manager/Supervisors, Cooks, Helper Cooks, Server Cleaners and Sweepers to maintain the hostels and hostel messes in addition to 146 outsourced workers.

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