The Warden of Mens’ Hostel ‘H’ has reported that two boarders have vandalized hostel property and have attempted to destroy office documents.

The incident occurred last night when the two boarders arrived in the Mess Hall for their food well past the closure time, i.e  9 p.m. The two boarders demanded that chapatti be served to them.  However, when the mess staff informed them that chapattis were exhausted, the students went on a rampage and destroyed a tubelight.  Even after being requested by hostel staff not to do so, they went ahead and cut off the water supply to the RO water plant and even damaged a water cooler.

The two students even poured water on office documents thereby damaging the same.

The Chief Warden will initiate necessary action against the two students for damaging hostel property and destroying office documents after an inquiry.

The Chief Warden hereby reminds students that any grievance they have, be immediately brought to the notice of the Hostel Warden.  Indulging in violence and destroying hostel property and office records will be viewed seriously and action taken including immediate eviction from hostel.


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